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Over a dozen reusable components built to provide buttons, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more.


Stylize the HTML5 <progress> element with a few extra classes and some crafty browser-specific CSS. Be sure to read up on the browser support.



0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
<progress class="progress" value="0" max="100">0%</progress>
<progress class="progress" value="25" max="100">25%</progress>
<progress class="progress" value="50" max="100">50%</progress>
<progress class="progress" value="75" max="100">75%</progress>
<progress class="progress" value="100" max="100">100%</progress>

IE9 support

Internet Explorer 9 doesn’t support the HTML5 <progress> element, but we can work around that.

<progress class="progress" value="25" max="100">
  <div class="progress">
    <span class="progress-bar" style="width: 25%;">25%</span>

Contextual alternatives

Progress bars use some of the same button and alert classes for consistent styles.

25% 50% 75% 100%
<progress class="progress progress-success" value="25" max="100">25%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-info" value="50" max="100">50%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-warning" value="75" max="100">75%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-danger" value="100" max="100">100%</progress>


Uses a gradient to create a striped effect.

10% 25% 50% 75% 100%
<progress class="progress progress-striped" value="10" max="100">10%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-striped progress-success" value="25" max="100">25%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-striped progress-info" value="50" max="100">50%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-striped progress-warning" value="75" max="100">75%</progress>
<progress class="progress progress-striped progress-danger" value="100" max="100">100%</progress>

Animated stripes

The striped gradient can also be animated. Add .progress-animated to .progress to animate the stripes right to left via CSS3 animations.

Animated progress bars do not work in IE9 and Opera 12 – as they don’t support CSS3 animations – nor in IE10+ and Microsoft Edge – as they currently don’t support CSS3 animations on the ::-ms-fill pseudo-element.

<progress class="progress progress-striped progress-animated" value="25" max="100">25%</progress>