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JCU Web Framework

The living style guide for University web applications.

To Do

This is a living style guide and as such will always be a work-in-progress. If you have suggestions, please get in touch.


Known Issues

To Do List

  • Decide on version numbering to distinguish / relate Bootstrap to the JCU web framework

  • Store ‘approved’ brand images and supporting resources in a Git repository (ask Digital Media team)

  • Build process:

    • Minification for CSS actually produces a larger file than originally provided.

    • Run base templates and CSS styles through WCAG2AAA / Section508 checker or linter

    • Accessibility:

      • Ensure ARIA labels and standards are met by all examples.
    • Workflow for removing certain components from the framework. Perhaps just a have a bare-bones “JCU” framework for just the core components.

To resolve

  • Best tool for managing external dependencies (Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Npm…)
  • Ensure there’s a distinction between an application and the CMS. Have to clearly highlight which application it is in some manner.
  • Test across browsers
  • Accessibility standards