the unique bush environment


Discover open savannah woodland, dry rainforest, lava flows and marine fossil beds on field trips.


Our typical herd consists of 600 high-grade Brahman cattle: 300 breeder-aged females and 300 yearlings.

degrees Celsius

With temperatures near 30°C and 600mm of rain a year, Fletcherview has a dry season of 6 to 9 months.

what you'll see at Fletcherview

As a student, get hands-on experience as a grazier. As a researcher, complete your studies in an industry-standard commercial cattle environment.

  • Outback cattle ranch
  • Located in the dry tropics
  • Laboratories and accommodation
  • Unique vegetation and geology

Study and Research
600 head of quality Brahman cattle

Our herd supports production and reproduction research, and veterinary study by the Australian Institute of Tropical Veterinary and Animal Science.

  • Research in nutrition, immunology and parasitology
  • Streamlined approval processes
  • Close to major population centres
  • Perfect for collaborative projects

Fletcherview is similar to both CSIRO's Lansdown Pasture Research Station and DAF's Spyglass Beef Research Facility.

Martin, the head grazier and manager at Fletcherview Research Station

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